Big Sky Mikis Home

Welcome to Big Sky Mi-Kis located in Eastern Montana.

��We have two darling little boys ��born on Feb.

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17, looking for their forever homes! Contact us today!

 Congrats to Lily Star daughter of Keiko and buy cialis 20mg Fonzie who won 1st in the Great Show at Kassel Germany!  Her trophy is  bigger then she is!

miki 5-5


Our goal is to raise outstanding puppies for the Mi-Ki  breed type standard that are calm, well adjusted, good natured companions for their new families, with the hope that some will be shown because of their quality as well as their blood lines being carried on. We welcome visitors to our ranch and kennel so that the puppies birth home  environment can be experienced. The Mi-Kis have added a new positive aspect to our lives….  they truly are loving companions.

Our puppies are lovingly home raised, vet checked and maintained, very well socialized since we have many visitors,  and relatives here at the ranch, who all love  to play with the Mi-Kis. Our Mi-Kis are used to other animals as well, so noise is something that they are used to….their quiet demeanor is swell.

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