What is a Mi-Ki?

Pronounced (Me- key)

  • A rare toy breed that is almost too good to be true, with less than 3000 currently in the United States. Their sole purpose is to be a companion.
  • Mi-Ki’s are a recognized breed, established  in 1992. Mi-Ki  share a common ��ancestry with a  few  differnt breeds.  We submit  swabs to a reliable lab for a MARS panel test for each puppies DNA. ������Each puppy  is ��micro-chipped  before they go to their  forever home. We  want to ��establish as much security as possible for you and ��your new family  member.
  • The average weight of a Mi-Ki dog at maturity is 5-8 pounds with some even being as small as 3-4 pounds.
  • Because of their even temperment and easygoing personalities, Mi-Kis make excellent companions for people of all ages and all lifestyles.
  • Mi-Kis love everyone including children and they even get along very well with other pets.
  • Mi-Kis travel well. They seldom bark and are not hyper. This also makes them ideal for apartment living.
  • Mi-Kis are even litter box trainable. However, piddle pads or newspaper is more common.

Mi-Ki puppies come in LOTS of different colors and frequently  change until  they are two years old! Black Mi-Kis can turn silver. Chocolate Mi-Kis can turn red or cream, etc. We would love to see what colors our babies will turn out to be.

  • Mi-Ki coats are bi-colored, tri-colored, solid or diluted. True solid-colored coats (no white anywhere) are very rare.
  • Colors may be apricot, black, blue, brown, chocolate, cream, gold, grey, grizzled, red, sable, silver, tan and white.
  • Mi-Ki dogs are single coated and have hair instead of fur which makes them a non-shedding and hypo-allergenic breed.
  • Mi-Kis have two coat types, Smooth Coats and Long Coats. The Smooth Coat Mi-Ki dog is a little easier to groom, but it is a recessive trait that is not seen nearly as often as the Long Coat Mi-Ki. The Long Coat Mi-Ki dog has long flowing hair from tip of nose to tip of tail. Long coats require more frequent combing in order to keep them free of tangles.
  • Mi-Ki puppies carry various ear settings, dropped (or down-eared), erect (or up-eared), and winged ears. Regardless of ear type all Mi-Kis are capable of winging their ears when excited. A Mi-Kis ears are very mobile.


“What is a Mi-Ki?” by Sandra Saville

M– mighty, motion of beauty, mover of great fluidity

I– ideal, imaginative, impervious, intelligent, inquisitive

K-��karma, keen, knightly, keeper!

I-����������incisive, ingenious, inspired, intriguing