What Our Previous Puppies Are Up To…

Introducing a second generation INTERNATIONAL and NAKC  CHAMPION, Montana’s Majestic Ritchie.

Sired buy generic cialis by:
INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION Majestic Montana’s Treasure Fonzie
DAM – ������������Montana’s Majestic Sky Kieko
Ritchie finished his championship at an early age of 15 months.

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Ritchie has many attributes:
M – mighty, motion of beauty, mover of great fluidity.
I – ideal, imaginative, impervious, intelligent, inquisitive,
K – karma, keen, knightly, keeper!
I – incisive, ingenious, inspired, intriguing

Ritchie is pure pleasure, is top dog with playmates, a Saluki and a Mini Shepherd in Texas.  He has no idea he is small. His communication skills with us are unbelievable. When he is teasing he has the cutest way of sliding his paw over his nose and then looking to get his way.
One time out and he was leash trained and could possibly be a great agility performer with his fluid movement and speed. One of his most endearing qualities is the great expression in his eyes. His beautiful coat has been easy to groom and surely adds to his appearance. He is available for stud service, please contact Nancy for more information.


Halle’s done it too. “Montana’s Happy Days of JuBa-lee” has followed in her father’s and brother’s pawprints and earned her International championship her first weekend of showing at 20 months of age. Not only did she get the highest number of points possible, but picked up a Group 2 and Group 3 placements, as well, and had fun doing it!

But it is at home that she really shines as the perfect little companion. Always “Happy”, as her name implies, with a toy in her mouth and a sparkle in her eyes, she is my constant shadow and lap-warmer!





Sadie��������is an absolute doll and we’re totally in love. My husband is so cute with her, he carries her like a baby. ������������������������She is a breeze to travel with, we go to Missoula often to visit our daughter and she has the run of the hotel! Sadie also goes to he nursing home where my husband’s mother lives. ����������The people there adore her and she is so good with the residents.  We’re looking into training her to be a therapy dog.



Bingo  has been visiting a nursing home in Connecticut.  He is very lively, entertaining, who is quite a character, he will be shown soon since he moved into a previous shown Saint Bernard home who is well loved.


Maya ��who was a dark chocolate has turned into a light chocolate lives on the farm and is keeping Fonzie, Keiko, Radar and Pippa company!


miki 5-5

From litter 2012, Lilly Star went to Germany. She has shown in the��������������������������������������������������������������������Great Show in��������Kassel, Germany. She received a #1. We are very proud. We now have a sister who looks just like her.